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casas senior assisted living

I was tasked with redesigning Casas's branding to appeal more directly to the children of their residents - the ones shopping for homes. We came up with a cool color palette and bold typography for their logo. To accompany their logo I created an illustration using Procreate to create the creosote branch. This stoic desert shrub symbolizes fresh rain in the desert. If you've ever spent time in the Sonoran desert, you know rain by the smell the air takes on when these ancient shrubs react with the moisture in the air. 


Website: Utilizing this new branding template, I created a website that was also more modern and more easily navigable by users. I also photographed interiors and residents to add a nice human element to the website. 


Client: Casas Senior Assisted Living

Website: https://www.casasassistedlivingtucson.com/

Date: 2/5/2020